It’s been 25 years since America met a young girl named Buffy, who liked to carry a small piece of wood everywhere. Like some girls, she had a secret about where she goes at night.
She’s not like other girls, because she is the Slayer. She is there to save the world, with a quip or two.

The show is as strong as ever thanks to books. games, comic books and a steady presence in streaming channels. Fandom Charities recently organized a weekend convention at the Hilton LAX. It included two famous villains, two familiar vampires, and two budding Slayers.

The picture above features Iyari Limon, who played Kennedy in season seven, and Clare Kramer as the fashionable Big Bad, Glory. They and the rest of the panel had some interesting comments.
“It’s so cool to see that this timeless show, to be part of this cult classic, to be linked to this somehow, ” Limon says. “I feel grateful and blessed. I had no ide coming into this show that 25 years later, I’d still be meeting wonderful people and fans.”

Kramer was well -received by the fans. She commented on how it was great it was to have her own action figure, and also admitted if there is a reboot, Joss Whedon and Sarah Michelle Gellar should both be part of it.
She also admitted fans weren’t exactly ready for Glory. She was female and wasn’t phased by the Slayer. Of course, it was later revealed she was a god. Kramer has a new perspective about it:  “Glory was not as much as she’s considered as a villain. She’s just someone who was secure in herself and knew what she wanted and pursued her own happiness, and there’s something empowering about that.”

The panel included Mark Metcalf (aka The Master) and Sarah Hagen (Amanda, one of the Potentials). Hagan talked about life after the show, including having a family. She also mentioned meeting famous people like Robert Patrick from Terminator 2.
Metcalf pointed out the show did break ground because it’s first time a woman had the power to decide life and death. He thinks that should be considered in dramas.

Mike Rad was in the opener of season four of Buffy as Rookie, but he’s been a working actor, write and producer for quite a while. He admits that if he wasn’t there in the panel he would have come as a fan. He is grateful to his connection to the show. “It opened up doors for me that wouldn’t have opened up if I didn’t get on a show like that,” he says. He also talked about how he tried to talk Joss into resurrecting Rookie, through the same way Christopher Lee kept coming back as Dracula.

Larry Bagby appeared is six Buffy episodes including Graduation Day and Earshot, but also in the original Hocus Pocus and even briefly on The Young and the Restless. He really enjoyed his days in Sunnydale, though.
“This character I played has impacted me greatly in that it’s very touching to meet people that were dealing with coming out and trying to deal in high school, ” he says ” when it wasn’t something that was talked about (Larry was a bully, but later admitted to Xander he was gay). I love the fact that I can be of service in that way.”

Whedonopolis will feature videos from the Hellmouth Con later this summer.

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