It was supposed to be Joss Whedon’s comeback. It was a story about women who suddenly get powers and are considered a threat by some and a godsend by others.
Also, one of the characters is from the future, but was sent to possibly save the Earth in Victorian times.

Now, it looks like the second half of The Nevers won’t be shown next year.
Variety and Deadline have both said the show will not be on HBO Max next year. Officials say it’s due to a “broader financial review”. Westworld, also on HBO, was also cancelled after four seasons. It’s speculated the remaining six episodes, made after Whedon left the show, will air somewhere.

The show premiered in the spring of 2021, and the plot centered on a group of women with powers living together. However, powerful men see them as a threat, and a supposed ally may eventually turn on them. Reviews of the show are found on this website

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