Theater Review: Women Behind Bars

Go see ‘Women Behind Bars”
for its fabulous closing weekend or you’ll end up in Section 10!
Here I am yet again bringing
culture to the masses (at least if you are in the Los Angeles area) with another ‘random theatre’ review for This time taking in the sites of the Celebration Theatre on
Santa Monica Blvd. in scenic West Hollywood California!


Recap: The Nevers, Ignition

Penance hoped that Mary’s special song will unite the Touched, and invents an amplifier to make sure everyone hears it. It results in a shocking tragedy. Meanwhile, Mundi is torn between Mary and Hugo Swann, and there’s some doubt about Mrs. True’s goals.

Episode Review: Dollhouse 1×05: "True Believer"

This week could be Echo’s riskiest job yet: she has to pose as a blind hitchhiker who wants to join a religious cult…but she’s also been turned into a "human camera", so the ATF can see if the cult has more guns than bibles. Meanwhile, Paul makes some progress in his search for Caroline, and Topher and Dr. Saunders observe what the Actives do when they shower. Think "man-reaction."