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Author: David Mello

SDCC 2022: Panel on Severance

Apple TV’s Severance had a popular panel at San Diego Comic Con. Most of the cast were there, but they didn’t mention much about what’s coming next season. Fans still got a lot of information about how the show tried to get the tone right.

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Recap: Ms. Marvel Season Review

Even though Kamala Khan is becoming a popular heroine in the MCU, her show could have had some improvements, especially towards the end. The final episode has the wrong bad guys, but says the right things about heroism and community. It also leads into a big movie next year.

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Recap: Thor, Love and Thunder

The latest Thor movie may have had too much Taika Waititi, but the scenes between Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman save this story where they try to stop someone from killing gods. It includes an overstuffed performance from Russell Crowe.

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