Comic-Con@Home Panel Review: Conversation With Nathan Fillion

One of the most popular panels in Comic-Con@Home, Nathan Fillion talks about his career, and has some special guests.

Comic-Con@Home Panel Review: Science and Agents of SHIELD

Although Agents of SHIELD has its final panel on the show last year, two agents returned to talk about how real-life science has a role in the show.

Recap: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 7.09, As I Have Always Been

The Zephyr is stuck in a time loop and possible destruction..and it’ll take a major sacrifice to escape. It’s also Elizabeth Henstridge’s first time as director

TV Campfire Podcast #464

We talk Perry Mason, Snowpiercer, The Order, Warrior Nun, Agents of SHIELD, Cursed, Psych, Palm Springs, Dark, Condor, Brave New World

Recap: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 7.08, After, Before

May and Elena turn to an old enemy, Jiaying, to find a way to restore Elena’s super-speed. She has to recall a dark memory, though. Meanwhile, Nathaniel Malick is back, and he’s got a new trick

Recap: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 7.07, The Totally Excellent Adventures of Mack and the D

This week’s episode is totally tubular, as Deke recruits new SHIELD agents disguised as a cover band, and Sybil rebuilds her Chromicon army with help from a computer repair guy

Recap: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 7.06, Adapt or Die

There’s victories and losses this week as Mack tries to save his parents from the Chromicons, while LMD Coulson finally meets the Big Bad who predicts victory…or does she?