Review: Once Upon A Time 4.15- “Poor Unfortunate Soul”

Is August the missing key for Regina to finding her happy ending? And what is Robin doing back on our screens?

Review: Once Upon A Time 4.15- “Enter the Dragon”

Regina has gone undercover to find out what the Queens of Darkness are really up to – all at the behest of her former enemy, Snow White. Will she succeed?

Review: Person of Interest 4.15- “Q&A”

Reese moonlights as a security guard and Harold plays chess with a runaway Samaritan asset.

Review: Battlestar Galactica 4.15 – "No Exit"

All right. Let’s all take a deep breath. In. Out. In. Out.


Good, now we can talk about this latest episode of Battlestar Galactica calmly and rationally. And say … WHAT THE FRAK?