Game of Thrones 5.04 – “The Sons of the Harpy”

Excuse me while I pick my book-reading jaw off the floor! The latest episode of Game of Thrones just went THERE. AGAIN. The wheels of change are hard to stop.

Review: The Walking Dead 5.04- “Slabtown”

I used to dread Sunday nights, because it signified the end of the weekend. But, since The Walking Dead started aring, I can’t wait for Sunday night!

Review: The Vampire Diaries 5.04- “Black Hole Sun”

Damon and Bonnie find out more about their companion in Hell and Stefan tries to help Elena get a fresh start. While Alaric controls all the sexy in Mystic Falls.

Review: Warehouse 13 5.04 – “Savage Seduction”

Pete, Myka, and Artie are sucked into a Spanish telenova to save Pete’s ex-girlfriend’s grandmother while Claudia and Jinks search for an artifact at a college in this week’s Warehouse 13.

Review: Supernatural 5.04 – The End

The fifth season of Supernatural, so far, has hit the ground running and has barely let up so that any of us could catch our breath. Well, leave it to Ben Edlund — master writer for The Tick, Angel, Firefly and now Supernatural — to not kick us in the gut while we’re running at full speed, but to make us laugh about it while asking for more in return. What the hell am I talking about? “The End,” is what, and it’s amazing…