Review – Caper Season Finale: Were The Good Guys Bad Enough?

Geek and Sundry’s first scripted series, “Caper” ended its first season this week. It turns out the rogue superheroes might wind up saving the day, because of what’s really in the Clarke Industries vault.

Review: Caper 1.03- “Psycho Path”

Now that a group of superheroes have decided to be bad guys, how do they learn to be bad? Even if it’s to stand against a company that’s even worse?

Interview with Abby Miller from Geek and Sundry’s Caper

Whedonopolis interviewed Abby Miller, who plays Penny and the Machine, in Geek and Sundry’s new superheroes-gone-rogue show, “Caper”

Review: Caper 1.01 & 1.02 – “City of Angles” and “The Kilt Brahs”

Geek & Sundry’s first scripted series, Caper, unveiled its first two episodes this week. It’s a good start to a story about rogue super heroes who need to make ends meet.

Interview: Amy Berg, showrunner of Caper

It’s said that crime does not pay. For four superheroes living together in Los Angeles, it has to pay if they’re going to pay the rent. That’s the premise behind Caper, which premiered this week on Geek and Sundry and Hulu. We have an interview with showrunner Amy Berg.

Trailer for Geek & Sundry’s “Caper”

Geek & Sundry’s latest series looks like it’s going to be fairly epic. But, you don’t have to take my word for it. Watch the trailer for yourself!