Review: Castle 7.16- “The Wrong Stuff”

Caskett and team head to “Mars” to solve a mystery.

Review: Castle 7.12- “Private Eye Caramba!”

Castle and Beckett cross paths in their investigation into a telenovela star’s murder. These two continue to help each other solve cases, despite Castle not being able to work with Beckett like he used to. Will he find his way back into the 12th Precinct or is being a P.I. in his cards for the […]

Review: Castle 7.05- “Meme is Murder”

This week’s Castle takes a look at the consequences of social media, as Castle and Beckett chase a killer targeting the rich and spoiled of a social media website.

Review: Castle’s “Need to Know” Episode (Well played Mr. Marlowe & Writers)

This week on Castle we see the entire crew in NYC as Agent Beckett and her partner have a federal investigation involving a case at her 12th precinct in NYC. The episode starts off with a pretty good hook…