Bates Motel 3.06 – “Norma Louise”

I’m saying it: “Norma Louise” was the best episode of Bates Motel yet! You do not want to miss this episode! It is a game changer!

Review: Bates Motel 3.05- “The Deal”

Norma and Dylan are hiding that pesky flash drive and Bob Paris and his creepy men really want to get it back.

Merlin Season 5, Episode 6 Review- “The Dark Tower”

A damsel in distress; her brave handsome knight who comes to save her; an evil witch:  These are the classic conventions of this week’s episode of “Merlin”, “The Dark Tower”.  The story is less complicated than some of the previous weeks’ adventures, mostly concentrated around a format of steal-seek-find-fight.  While this makes it slightly easier to follow, it also drags a little.  Arthur and his men make camp at dusk at least 3 times, and the narrative frequently cuts back to Gwen, terrified in the tower.  As always, spoilers ahead.
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All New! Review of Merlin S5 Episode 1: “Arthur’s Bane Part One”

Prepare yourselves for a real thrill ride of a final season as the BBC’s “Merlin” tells its final stories of magic, adventure, loyalty and betrayal.