Review: Marvel Iron Fist Season 2

Season two of Iron Fist is much better than the first, with better fight scenes and performances. The story may be about “duality” but it’s also about legacy and living up to it. The finale will surprise people, and hopefully lead to a third season.

SDCC 2018 Press Coverage: Marvel’s Iron Fist

The cast from Marvel’s Iron Fist talked about the upcoming season during San Diego Comic-Con. They said Danny will be protecting New York while battling some new bad guys (although one will be very familiar)

A Review of ‘Before We Go’ aka Captain America Directs

You don’t need to worry about Chris Evans leaving the shield behind, just yet. But, you may just enjoy his first foray into the directing field.

Star Trek: Into Darkness Trailer (updated)

Here’s the teaser for the new Star Trek movie, Star Trek: Into Darkness.