Agents of SHIELD 3.19- “Failed Experiments”

HIVE/Ward has the technology to make humans into Inhumans, and tries to do that with Dr. Radcliffe. Mac thinks Daisy really wants to be rescued, but she has other ideas. Also, two Kree arrive, but whose side are they on?

Agents of SHIELD 3.18- “Singularity”

SHIELD is hoping to break Daisy away from the influence of HIVE/Ward, especially with the help of a scientist who’s been busy “enhancing” people. However, Ward gets new allies and starts his plans for a new world. There’s also good news, as a certain relationship makes major progress.

Agents of SHIELD 2.21-22 – “S.O.S.” 2-Hour Season Finale

The final battle between the Inhumans and SHIELD puts Skye in the middle, wondering which side she should take. Meanwhile, Ward and Kara have a job to do.