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Justice League: Doom Red Carpet: Andrea Romano Chats With FBC About Fillion, Conroy & More!

Andrea Romano (Batman: Year One, Green Lantern: First Flight) is the Casting and Voice Director of DC’s latest animated feature, Justice League: Doom.  At the film’s premiere at The Paley Center in Beverly Hills, CA, she talked with Fanboy Comics Creative Director Sam Rhodes about her work on the film, why she likes working with Nathan Fillion, and whether we can expect to see Bryan Cranston and Kevin Conroy return as Gordon and Batman for The Dark Knight Returns animated feature.  

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Paley Center: Justice Will Be Done

A subtle extravangaza.

To this writer, it is the best way to describe the atmosphere at Los Angeles’ famed Paley Center on February 18.  DC Comics was unveiling another entry in its esteemed line of animated features:  JUSTICE LEAGUE – CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS, released on DVD, special two-disc special edition DVD and Blu-ray on February 23. 

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