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Recap: The Nevers, Ignition

Penance hoped that Mary’s special song will unite the Touched, and invents an amplifier to make sure everyone hears it. It results in a shocking tragedy. Meanwhile, Mundi is torn between Mary and Hugo Swann, and there’s some doubt about Mrs. True’s goals.

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Recap, The Nevers, Exposure

Amalia tries to save Mary from Maladie, but there’s a shocking connection…and a difficult decision. Also, Lavinia “exhibits” the Touched to ease fears, but she also shows her true colors, driving her brother to dark places.

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Recap: The Nevers Pilot

Joss Whedon is back on TV with a new series called “The Nevers”. It’s about people called “The Touched” who suddenly develop unusual powers. A widow and an invention try to help them, some cruel elite try to destroy them and at least one man try to exploit them.
The fact that some of the Touched are evil doesn’t make it easier.

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