Once Upon A Time- 5.19 “Sisters”

As one would expect with an episode title like “Sisters,” this episode focused on our favorite Once Upon A Time siblings – Regina and Zelena. Their relationship has alternated between hatred and hesitant tolerance over the years. It looks like with a little help from their mother, their relationship finally sees a turning point in this episode. Will it be for better or for worse?

WonderCon 2016: Damien

Damien may have the number of the beast, but this latest take on the Devil will have you questioning just how good evil can be!

Once Upon A Time – 5.12 “Souls of the Departed”

Last night Once Upon A Time returned for the second half of it’s 5th season (and it’s 100th episode!!) with a new episode and a change of scenery for the Storybrooke crew. This time the group journeyed to the Underworld, to try to save Hook from his untimely demise in the Winter finale. Will Emma, Regina and the rest of the heroes be successful? What new villains await them in the Underworld?

A&E New Show ‘Damien’ Has A Release Date

One of the press rooms Whedonopolis attended at San Diego Comic-Con was for the new show ‘Damien,’ which is a sequel to the movie ‘The Omen.’ The show’s air date has finally been revealed.

Once Upon A Time 4.21 – “Mother”

Will the Author help Rumple in his quest to give the villains their happy endings?