Recap: MST3K 12.2 “Atlantic Rim”

Round two of the Gauntlet features a fake version of Pacific Rim from the producers of “Sharknado”. Also, can Jonah make another classic hit?

Recap: MST3K 12.6, “Ator The Fighting Eagle”

The finale to the Gauntlet is “Ator the Fighting Eagle”, the prequel to “Cave Dwellers”. Can Jonah survive this, or will Kinga declare victory? Well, she’ll never forget the Gauntlet, but for a very different reason.

Recap: MST3K 12.5, “Killer Fish”

The fifth movie in the Gauntlet features Lee Majors in a heist movie that involves some man-eating fish guarding stolen jewels.
Kinga, though, thinks she can taste victory.

Recap: MST3K 12.4 “The End of Time”

The second half of the Gauntlet starts with a weird alien movie involving a family in the desert. The host segments are better, especially the return of a long-lost character.

Recap: MST3K 12.3 “Lords of the Deep”

Halfway through the Gauntlet, Moon 13 gives Jonah an undersea horror of a movie, while a new mad scientist arrives. However, Kinga and Max’s plan to terrorize Jonah through puppets fizzles out quickly.

Recap: MST3K 12.1 “Mac and Me”

Mystery Science Theater 3000 celebrates its 30th anniversary by shoving six bad movies in a row on Jonah, Servo and Crow.
Can they survive the Gauntlet, or at least a movie that’s a poor imitation of ET?

MST3K Faces The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t

Mystery Science Theater 3000 wouldn’t be complete without a holiday movie.

Mystery Science Theater 3000- Season Eleven Summed Up

A review of the eleventh season of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and some speculation about what might happen
next year, if Netflix approves more episodes.

MST3K 11.12–Carnival Magic

This time, MST3K looks at a family movie that might be about a talking chimp or a magician who’s really magic or carnies who conduct a major rescue mission. It’s hard to say, but Mark Hamill is definitely in this episode.

MST3K 11.10 and 11: Wizards of the Lost Kingdom

For the first time, the MST3K crew has to deal with a terrible sword and sorcery movie, and its even worse sequel. Also, Kinga’s grandma is back, and some romantic decisions are made.