Paley Center For Media’s Fall Schedule Includes First Annual “Paleyfest: Made in NY”

Paleyfest is not just for the west coast anymore! From X-Files Reunions to a brand spanking new east coast TV fest, the Paley Center for Media offers fans of the small screen a place to celebrate. Can’t make it to NYC — no worries, you can stream it LIVE online. And it all starts tonight.

SDCC 2009: Batman: The Brave and The Bold Screening and Q&A

As a huge fan of Batman: The Animated Series, I was at first
skeptical about a new Batman series that looked slightly cheesy. However, being
the huge Batman fan that I am, I gave The Brave and The Bold a try…and totally
loved it. Cartoon Network’s mixture of camp and cool works VERY well, and the
show is a delight to watch each episode. When I found out they were doing a
panel at Comic-Con, I jumped at the chance to attend. Here’s how it went down…