BBC America’s Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency Debuts Saturday, October 22nd


NYCC 2016: BBC America Takeover At New York Comic Con

BBC AMERICA will kick off New York Comic Con’s first ever panels presented at The Theater at Madison Square Garden on Friday, October 7 at 10:30am.

SDCC 2016: Orphan Black Press Room

At San Diego Comic-Con 2016, we spoke with the cast and producers of BBC America’s Orphan Black.

SDCC 2016: Sherlock Press Room

Get ready for Holmes and Watson to be tested to their limits in season four of Sherlock.

Doctor Who 9.06 – The Woman Who Lived

The Doctor is reunited with Ashildr, the Viking girl from last episode. The question: How would sudden immortality change a person?

Doctor Who 9.03 – Under the Lake

The Doctor and Clara land in an underwater mining base in 22nd Century Scotland, which seems to be haunted by ghostly aliens. Spoilers to follow…..

Looking at Doctor Who’s Two Beginnings

This week is the tenth anniversary of Doctor Who’s return to TV. Here’s a comparison to the episode that brought him back, “Rose’ to his very first story from 1963, “An Unearthly Child.”

Review: “Who’s Changing: A Look At Doctor Who Fandom”

After celebrating Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary, a new documentary looks at its fans. It starts with how Doctor Who fandom developed in the last 1970s, and exploded in recent years. It features interviews from several former and current cast members and fans.

Long-Lost Doctor Who Episodes Show Up On iTunes

Two long-lost Who serials from the 1960’s have been found!

Mark Your Calendars: The Day of the Doctor is coming!

Exterminate your plans for November 23rd. You’ve got company.