Review: “The Five Doctors” Get Rifftrax Treatment

How could Rifftrax mock a real Doctor Who episode…with four out of five Doctors? They did, and revealed that some old Who episodes age very well….but not this one.

MST3K 11.14–At the Earth’s Core

The season finale features Doug McClure in another action movie, while Kinga plans her shotgun wedding with Jonah. It ends with a cliffhanger that might mean changes in the Satellite of Love.

MST3K 11.10 and 11: Wizards of the Lost Kingdom

For the first time, the MST3K crew has to deal with a terrible sword and sorcery movie, and its even worse sequel. Also, Kinga’s grandma is back, and some romantic decisions are made.

MST3K 11.02 – Cry Wilderness

The next episode looks at “Cry Wilderness” about a boy who teams up with Bigfoot to help his dad. However, there’s sudden appearances by a tiger, a big game hunter and wise old Indian with his special necklace. It also features the return of two familiar faces.

The Man Without Fear Doesn’t Scare Rifftrax

Rifftrax is known for its “commentaries” of Marvel movies, and decided to take on the first episode of Netflix’s “Daredevil”. Their comments show they’re still hurting from the 2003 movie.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Coming to Netflix

It’s official: Mystery Science Theater 3000 will return next year on Netflix. The new crew and creator Joel Hodgson were all over Comic-Con Saturday to spread the word, and we have the details.

Rifftrax Live Returns To The Past With “Time Chasers”

While most movie fans decided to get in on Captain America: Civil War early Thursday night, others decided to see the Rifftrax crew take on a cheesy low-budget time travel movie that was part of season eight of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Rifftrax Live: Santa, the Bunny and the Beanstalk

Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and terrible holiday movies had a ball this week as Rifftrax Live presented an alternate version of “Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny.” It’ll be shown again on December 15th,

Interview with Mike Nelson from MST3K and Rifftrax

Whedonopolis talked with Michael J. Nelson, known for his many years on Mystery Science Theater 3000 as writer and host.