Comic-Con 2009 Recovery Mode

Hey kids, my Comic-Con coverage is coming. I still have several press panel coverage articles and blogs to write, which I’ll be releasing over the next couple of days. Why wasn’t this stuff written while I was there, you might ask? Because I was stuck up and wrapped around in a big burrito of awesome and I’m still recovering from the lack of sleep, the exhaustion and everything else that comes with the post-con malaise (commonly known as "connui"). I have articles about Doctor Who, Torchwood, Green Lantern, Batman, and our Once More with Feeling screening. So stay tuned for the upcoming awesomness from me and our other writers over the next several days, and thanks for visiting. ^_^


Whedonopolis is Arriving at Comic-Con 2009

We’ve begun to trickle into San Diego for our coverage of Comic-Con.  We drove about three hours with stops on the way down from Los Angeles to get food and supplies, and thankfully seemed to have missed much of the traffic. The rest of the team is still on their way, but once we all arrive our coverage will begin in earnest. We have a lot of coverage planned, from panels to media events to interviews and much more, so keep it tuned here or onto our Twitter feed ( for all the latest blogs, interviews and event coverage live from every corner of the Con.


Grumpiest Con Ever: Comic-Con 2008 Blog Entry

Too many people, too many lines, too many redshirts with Hitler complexes. There was a line for everything, and not just a line, but a line that snaked around hallways and back alleys and down stairs, broke for traffic and forced people to stand up for hours "behind the white tape." There was even a line to turn something into Lost and Found.

Press and Cattle: Comic-Con 2008 Blog Entry

Exhibit A – the Hall H press cattle pen, where market press-beef are kept shoulder-to-strap, with the worst possible sightlines of the stage (during the panel for The Watchmen), whilst staff photographers are allowed the premium photog spots exclusively. This kind of discrimination will probably do nothing to increase goodwill when faced with the sight of on-coming redshirts, now seen patrolling in twos and threes. Red shirts caught patrolling alone might be a mite uncomfortable in the fearing-for-their-life category. And this is only the Second Day. By Sunday, the revolution should be well underway, if Comic Con were to live up to the subversive sensibility it is visually famous for.

One red shirted tyrant in Ballroom 20 may have been put in his place for the time being, but the correction may be temporary, as he patrols the aisles, ever on the lookout for anyone leaving so much as a shoelace out of line. Anyone carrying a camera must, of course, be shot. And the mess swept up just as soon as possible.

Preview Night: Comic-Con 2008 Blog Entry

It is now the Edge of Tedium to mention the early-bird crowds already clogging the streets of the Convention Center sidewide and Gas Lamp District on Wednesday Night at Comic Con in San Diego, but it has to be said in an admittedly vain attempt to prevent more attendees from doing the sardine boogie in the aisles. Early shopping was the order of the day, and for the newbies, and there were a few, a first real taste of the happy insanity that is the largest con in the Western Hemisphere. Today, the first official day of the con, will be a test of the increased registration personnel enthusiastically waving their arms to get attendees registered and on their merry way to panels, meetings and shopping. The exhibit hall this year is dominated by a giant Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade size balloon of Pokemon and more (and various) giant bags given out by Warner Brothers. And the giant purple Big Frakkin’ Bags given out by SciFi Channel. Honest, it says Big Frakkin’ Bag in big white letters.

Fresh off the John Barrowman booksigning, there will be Dr. Who and Torchwood panels, BSG panels, The Day The Earth Stood Still and Dexter. So, armed with a brand new camera, this iguana is off to forage in the well-illustrated jungle of the 2008 SDCC.

Comic-Con Wrapup – Day 1

Comic-Con started officially today with a bang. There are already a lot of people pullulating around the San Diego Convention Center, some in their civvies, some proudly wearing their colors (be those Star Trek, Firefly, Star Wars, Harry Potter… well, you get the idea) and then… and then there’s the costumes.