Bruce Boxleitner’s Lantern City

Last night, I was granted the honor of attending the recording of Krypton Radio’s The Event Horizon at The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, where the topic was Lantern City. What is Lantern City, you ask? According to its creators, Bruce Boxleitner (Babylon 5, Tron) and Trevor Crafts (Smokewood), it’s going to be the show that makes steampunk a household term.
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“Tron: Uprising” Cast Interviews

I got the chance to screen the pilot of the upcoming animated series “Tron: Uprising” recently and was blown away.  I loved the art style and the graphics looked amazing.   The animated series takes place between the first and second Tron films, right after Clu takes over the grid.  A young program named Beck steps up to defend the Grid.  The prelude/pilot premieres on the Disney Channel on May 18th.

I have interviews with Bruce Boxleitner “Tron”, Elijah Wood “Beck”, Lance Henriksen “General Tesler”, Tricia Helfer “The Grid”, Paul Reubens “Pavel”, Mandy Moore “Mara”, and the producers Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz & Charlie Bean.

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