The Originals 3.22- “The Bloody Crown”

If you needed proof that Klaus had changed, this was the episode for it. And if Klaus was ever going to be called a hero, this is the time.

The Originals 3.21- “Give ‘Em Hell Kid”

Another roller coaster of an episode with one last goodbye before the war really begins. *******Spoilers Below **** I really wish that someone told Marcel that Klaus had nothing to do with sacrificing Davina. Yes, the Mikaelsons still played a hand in her death, but Klaus did not. Klaus wanted to find another way. Klaus […]

The Originals 3.20- “Where Nothing Stays Buried”

Two weeks in a row Julie Plec gave us hope and then broke our hearts. The writers may be trying to tell us that there is no hope left.

The Originals 3.19- “No More Heartbreaks”

Julie Plec knows how to create a beautiful episode, but she also knows how to break our hearts in the process.

The Originals 3.18- “The Devil Comes Here and Sighs”

Clearly no one is safe in New Orleans. Even when you feel like you’ve bought yourself some time, there’s another danger just lurking around the corner.

The Originals 3.17- “Behind the Black Horizon”

The Original family has always been at the top of the food chain, but after one spell, that’s all changed. Can the invincible family actually be killed now?

The Originals 3.16- “Alone with Everybody”

There’s a reason the saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” exists. This very old strategy just got the Mikaelson family in a lot of trouble. Their biggest enemy was lurking among them all along.

The Originals 3.15- “An Old Friend Calls”

Klaus has spent most of his vampire life running and making enemies, is that finally coming back to haunt him?

The Originals 3.14- “A Streetcar Named Desire”

As the prophecy comes to a close, new dangers arise and a lot of decisions have to be made. The crossover event of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals leaves both shows looking very different.

The Originals 3.13- “Heart Shaped Box”

The Mikaelsons have lived a thousand years and have only been afraid of Mikael, now they have a lot more to be afraid of.