Marvel Universe LIVE!: Age of Heroes Groupon

Get a sneak peek at what we might get in Avengers: Infinity Wars at the Marvel Universe LIVE!: Age of Heroes stunt show.

A Review of ‘Before We Go’ aka Captain America Directs

You don’t need to worry about Chris Evans leaving the shield behind, just yet. But, you may just enjoy his first foray into the directing field.

Comic-Con Salutes Those Who Dress Your Favorite Heroes

cci_logoIt’s said that clothes make the man, but they also make the super-hero, too. That’s especially true in the movies and on television. Fans of fashion will learn a lot this year at Comic-Con, and maybe get some surprises, too.

Captain America: First Avenger Receives Oscar VFX Nomination

Congratulations to the talent of Captain America for what we hope is the first of many Oscar nominations.  Ten films have made the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ short list to compete for a visual effects Oscar nomination.  Click through for the list