SDCC 2015: Scorpion and Under the Dome Press Room

Thursday at San Diego Comic Con, we interviewed the casts of some of CBS’s hit shows: Scorpion and Under the Dome.

2015 Upfronts: CBS

CBS unveiled its 2015-2016 primetime lineup, featuring seven new shows and 22 returning series.

Review: Person of Interest 4.02 – “Nautilus”

The frightening new credits from Samaritan’s point of view are a reminder that our Team Machine are still on very dangerous ground. This week’s mission is a scavenger hunt and everyone’s invited.

Review: Person of Interest 4.01 – “Panopticon”

The new reign of Samaritan is here and the teaser illustrates how the new world order operates. If it thinks you are a threat, elimination is just around the corner in the form of a new blonde femme fatale.

Review: The Crazy Ones Season Finale — ‘The Monster’ & ‘The Lighthouse’

The season finale of The Crazy Ones was fun to watch and we at Whedonopolis hope to hear soon of a renewal from CBS.

Review: The Crazy Ones 1.20 — “Love Sucks”

Guest star Pam Dawber’s turn on this week’s episode made for the best moments of the episode.

Review: The Big Bang Theory 7.19- “The Indecision Amalgamation”

Tonight Big Bang is back and new. There are a few dilemmas tonight. And Will Wheaton pays a visit, yay!

Review: The Crazy Ones 1.19 — “Danny Chase Hates Brad Paisley”

In the latest new episode of The Crazy Ones, Zach heads a campaign for Simon and over promises what Lewis, Roberts + Roberts can give to the client while Sydney gets a new assistant.

Review: Person of Interest 3.18 – “Allegiance”

A woman named Maria Martinez looks clean cut, but she’s stealing GPS locators and having secret meetings. Is she the victim or the perpetrator? Seems like standard fare for Person of Interest, however with this myth-arc, nothing is as it seems.

Review: Person of Interest 3.17- “Root Path”

In which the Machine sends Root on missions to teach her a lesson in morality and Team Machine gets to tag along to complete the lesson.