Review: Under the Dome 2.12 – “Turn”

The Dome is contracting and the residents of Chester’s Mill need to figure out how to stop it before they are crushed to death.

Review: Under the Dome 2.09 – “The Red Door”

The Red Door seems to be the only answer for the folks trying to get back into the Dome — but how to find it?

Review: Under the Dome 2.08 – “Awakening”

More mystries abound on this week’s episode of Under the Dome.

Review: Under the Dome 2.07 – “Going Home”

A way out of the Dome? Say it ain’t so!

Review: Under the Dome 2.05 – “Reconciliation”

The power is up for grabs this week as various opposing forces grapple with food shortages, civil unrest, and crazy extermination plots. But for the “undead” Melanie, the main problem is finding out who she really is and why she is back alive in 2014. Melanie wants to find Sam Verdreaux and get answers from […]

Review: Under the Dome 2.03 – “Force Majeure”

It’s Episode 3 and we are still stuck Under the Dome with no answers anywhere in sight.

Review: Under the Dome 2.02 – “Infestation”

Is Angie dead or alive? After last week’s shocking ending, I am dying to find out, excuse the pun.