Comic-Con ’07 – Day 4: PATHOLOGY Interviews

Pathology is a new thriller created by the brains behind Crank (Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor) starring HeroesMilo Ventimiglia, alongside The L Word’s Lauren Lee Smith, The Last KissMichael Weston, and Empire RecordsJohnny Whitworth, all directed by Marc Schölermann that will open nationwide November 30th. They were out in force at Comic-Con and we scored some exclusive interviews with them to tell us all about the film.

Comic-Con ’07 – Day 1: SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY Interviews

Late on the first day of Comic-Con 2007, the people behind Superman: Doomsday gave interviews regarding the whole process of turning the most successful Superman comic book in history into an animated movie, from the script and voice casting to direction. We got the chance to sit in roundtables with voice director Andrea Romano and screenwriter Duane Capizzi, and go one-on-one with director Brandon Vietti to find out how it all came together. This is what we found out.

Comic-Con ’07 – SUPERNATURAL Interviews

Whedonopolis was granted access to the Supernatural pressroom, where roundtable interviews were conducted with consulting producer/writer Ben Edlund, actor Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) and show creator Eric Kripke. Even though we’d been through roundtables before for Superman: Doomsday, the experience was still very new for us, and this is how it went. The table was shared with Cindy from and Brian from

Comic-Con ’07- TORCHWOOD Interview w/ Chris Chibnall & Noel Clark

Torchwood head writer and show runner Chris Chibnall and writer and actor Noel Clark took time out of their busy schedules at Comic-con on Thursday to talk to Whedonopolis about the show and James Marsters, who has just finished filming his appearance in the second season. Here’s what they said.

SDCC 2007: Lost

LOST co-creator and executive producer Damon Lindelof and executive producer Carlton Cuse were at San Diego’s Comic-Con on Thursday to unveil the new LOST video game and to answer fan questions about upcoming seasons of the show. The capacity crowd was first treated to a short video clip entitled “Exploring the World of Others” which showed several cast and production team members talking about the show. It looked very much like a DVD extra (the season 3 DVD set comes out on December 11th). The men of the hour came out afterwards and found that their microphones didn’t work. Once that was sorted, they showed some rough cuts of the upcoming LOST video game from Ubisoft. Despite the fact that these scenes were supposed to be early renderings, characters and locations from the show were easily identifiable. The producers were eager to get to the questions, but first they explained their system for preventing inadvertent spoilers at the panel. They each had a bell that one would ring if he felt that the other was giving too much away.

Comic-Con ’07 – Catching Up With Mercedes McNab and Tony Todd

The pressroom for the new horror movie “Hatchet” was a whirlwind of activity, and we were lucky enough to steal a few minutes with both Mercedes McNab (Harmony on “Angel” and Misty on “Hatchet”) and Tony Todd (Vyasa on the “Angel” episode “The Shroud of Rahmon”, Steve on “Shadow Puppets,” with James Marsters, and Clive “Rev. Zombie” Washington on “Hatchet”) to discuss their characters in the movie as well as reminisce about their past participation in the Whedonverse and give us the skinny on what’s next for them.

Comic-Con Day One

It might be considered a good morning’s work to have snagged some much-coveted swag at the Warner Brothers booth at Comic Con, but the day was merely beginning. It was a literal stampede when the doors open to the Warner Brothers “tower”, as they were handing out bright red-and-yellow “Smallville” bags made of a mylar weave and about the size of a Mini Cooper. They were also handing out cool cardboard shields to promote the DVD release of ‘300’ and giving out tickets to a special screening of the movie at Petco Park for 10,000 people. Fighting into the fray, I managed to snag both the bag and the shield, although when the rush began, small children and people in wheelchairs were immediately lost in the surge.

Comic-Con Wrapup – Day 1

Comic-Con started officially today with a bang. There are already a lot of people pullulating around the San Diego Convention Center, some in their civvies, some proudly wearing their colors (be those Star Trek, Firefly, Star Wars, Harry Potter… well, you get the idea) and then… and then there’s the costumes.

Comic-Con Exclusive: Director Richard Kelly Talks "Southland Tales" Release Date

Southland Tales director Richard Kelly took a few moments out of his extremely busy schedule at Comic-Con on Friday to talk to Whedonopolis about the movie’s release date and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character in it. This is what he told us.