Videos from our 2008 Comic-Con Once More With Feeling Screening

Below you will find a few videos taken during our "Once More With Feeling" screning at Comic-Con 2008, the recap of which can be found here.

SDCC 2008: Once More With Feeling Screening

The screening of Once More With Feeling happened only after the powers that be at Comic Con negotiated with 20thCentury Fox, after a year of legal obstacles to permit this popular episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer to be splashed across the four big screens in Ballroom 20. And Whedonopolis was tapped to present this event, providing prizes and giveaways in the form of buttons and finger puppets and "parking tickets" to go with the singing and dancing anticipated by Buffy fans well heeled in the lyrics and the waving of lit cellphones.

Grumpiest Con Ever: Comic-Con 2008 Blog Entry

Too many people, too many lines, too many redshirts with Hitler complexes. There was a line for everything, and not just a line, but a line that snaked around hallways and back alleys and down stairs, broke for traffic and forced people to stand up for hours "behind the white tape." There was even a line to turn something into Lost and Found.

Two Days, Two Joss: Comic-Con 2008 Blog Entry

Joss not singing at the Dr. Horrible panel was followed by Joss still not singing at the Dollhouse panel. There he appeared with Eliza Dushku and Tahmoh Penikett. Dollhouse looks intriguing, about the loss of memory and the search for souls, but without vampires, demons or spaceships. However, glass-covered coffin-like cryo-units are definitely involved.

Joss Whedon, Not Singing: Comic-Con 2008 Blog Entry

Despite having made something with the word "singalong" in the title, there was no singing to be had by either him or the panel that accompanied him on the Dr. Horrible stage. The cast of Dr. Horrible and the creators were there, and a DVD – plus extras, like commentary and send-in video contest – is in the near future. Joss and his cast and co-creators of this "alternative to studio financing experiment" will be there for the big-screen debut of the three acts of Dr. Horrible tonight in in Room 6B. More Dr. Horrible was hinted at, Captain Hammer comics and Sugar Shock in print form.

In the aisles of Ballroom 20, Rincewind was spotted. With the Luggage.

SDCC 2008: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Photos courtesy of David Mello.

It’s Friday and Dr. Horrible hits Comic-Con, but, fortunately, not with his freeze ray. Ballroom 20 filled with fans, among them many Dr. Horrible imitators and also some of his nemesis Captain Hammer.

Comic-Con 2008: Amanda Tapping Interview

I was never, as one fan in the Sanctuary panel put it, an "Amandaholic"; but that quickly changed on July 25th at roughly 3pm upon having the privilege of meeting Amanda Tapping for a one-on-one interview at Comic-Con 2008. I felt like I had been shown the path of Enlightenment and I didn’t even have to read the Book of Origin… oh sorry that was a different panel.

Press and Cattle: Comic-Con 2008 Blog Entry

Exhibit A – the Hall H press cattle pen, where market press-beef are kept shoulder-to-strap, with the worst possible sightlines of the stage (during the panel for The Watchmen), whilst staff photographers are allowed the premium photog spots exclusively. This kind of discrimination will probably do nothing to increase goodwill when faced with the sight of on-coming redshirts, now seen patrolling in twos and threes. Red shirts caught patrolling alone might be a mite uncomfortable in the fearing-for-their-life category. And this is only the Second Day. By Sunday, the revolution should be well underway, if Comic Con were to live up to the subversive sensibility it is visually famous for.

One red shirted tyrant in Ballroom 20 may have been put in his place for the time being, but the correction may be temporary, as he patrols the aisles, ever on the lookout for anyone leaving so much as a shoelace out of line. Anyone carrying a camera must, of course, be shot. And the mess swept up just as soon as possible.

SDCC 2008: Doctor Who and Torchwood

The first full day of Comic Con saw a British invasion of sorts as new Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat and outgoing executive producer Julie Gardner presented, followed by a discussion of Torchwood with Gardner and cast members John Barrowman, Gareth David Lloyd, and Naoko Mori. As you may know, Anthony Head has been on Doctor Who and James Marsters was on Torchwood last season. Steven Moffat and Julie Gardner were introduced to the packed Ballroom 20 crowd to thunderous applause. Once seated, the moderator started with a few questions of his own before giving the floor to audience members.

Totalitarianism, Alive and Well, or Red Shirt Rant: Comic-Con 2008 Blog Entry

Pink shuttles and red shirts – not the worst things to face off with the first day of the con, but necessary evils. (Now pondering the word ‘necessary’) But at least with the buses, there is the option of walking. With the redshirts waxing tyranical over their little bits of ballroom turf, threatening you with eviction at every turn and shutter click, one wonders that if the powers at Comic Con really wanted their con goodwill and Hollywood marketing heft spread to the world beyond out there on the web, that this form of small tyranies isn’t off-putting and counter-productive. For some redshirts, tiny tyranies may be all they know, that and pointing to the exit that is either the furthest away, through dark tunnels and dank back passages, or blocking off perfectly acceptable exits due to "blockages." Yes, that communist-era word was actually uttered; tree fell over in the woods, I heard it.