Comic-Con 2009: "Once More With Feeling" Screening

It looks like Comic-Con has created a new tradition, thanks to Joss Whedon and his fans.

Along with the Saturday Masquerade, the Eisner Awards and the Preview Night that has become the real start of the annual event, Whedonopolis has established itself with the annual showing of the classic Buffy musical, "Once More With Feeling" as the official closing event. Just like last year, Ballroom 20 filled very quickly as people were ready to wrap up another visit to San Diego with song and dance.

Comic-Con 2009: Being Human Interviews

BBC America had a large presence at 2009’s Comic-Con International.  Among the shows presented was Being Human.  If you haven’t seen the show, it’s about a werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost sharing a house and trying to fit in with the regular people.  Despite a premise that sounds like the beginning of a joke, the show deftly blends angst and major drama with a good smattering of humor.  Check it out on BBC America Saturdays at 9pm EDT (last week’s premiere episode airs at 8pm EDT tonight).  Here are the press interviews with creator / writer Toby Whithouse and the cast Russell Tovey, Aidan Turner, and Lenora Crichlow.

Comic-Con 2009 Recap: Dollhouse Episode 13, "Epitaph One"

For a TV show that some feared wouldn’t last, Dollhouse had a big presence at Comic-Con. Fox released a special version of the DVD box set, including a special letter from Joss. It was available for 5000 customers, and it sold out quickly.

Also, thousands of people filled Ballroom 20 to see the U-S premiere of "Epitaph One", the episode Fox decided not to air. Some who got the DVD set already saw the episode, and discovered it’s a very different story. Soon, the crowd would find out, too.

Comic-Con 2009 Recovery Mode

Hey kids, my Comic-Con coverage is coming. I still have several press panel coverage articles and blogs to write, which I’ll be releasing over the next couple of days. Why wasn’t this stuff written while I was there, you might ask? Because I was stuck up and wrapped around in a big burrito of awesome and I’m still recovering from the lack of sleep, the exhaustion and everything else that comes with the post-con malaise (commonly known as "connui"). I have articles about Doctor Who, Torchwood, Green Lantern, Batman, and our Once More with Feeling screening. So stay tuned for the upcoming awesomness from me and our other writers over the next several days, and thanks for visiting. ^_^