Behind-the-Scenes “Agents” Join Whedonopolis 2016 Convention

Members of the Visual Effects (VFX) Team for ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D are among the newest additions to the Whedonopolis 2016 Guest List. A Joss Whedon-centric convention run by fans for fans, Whedonopolis 2016 will raise funds to support the Sophie Lancaster Foundation and the Pop Culture Hero Coalition, two non-profits created to address bullying and peer pressure.

James Marsters Joins Grand Slam Summit Coming Next February

Creation Entertainment’s Grand Slam Star Trek and Sci-Fi Summit in Burbank has just added someone who is well known for many shows, but mainly for one.

Castle Fan Convention Was a Major Success

By Chelsea Banks

It seems lately that if there’s a fandom community, then there’s someone making a convention for it. However, most cons focus on an entire genre and are so massive that it leaves little time to truly appreciate any one thing. So it was extremely refreshing to go to the completely fan-made Castle Convention. It also felt good going to something where over $10,000 was raised for charity.

Though you can feel a bit lost and disconnected in the mammoth kaleidoscope of nerdom that is Comic-Con, the attendees of the Castle Convention were undeniably united. The way everyone, strangers, laughed with each other over inside jokes, made the unity almost palpable.