Doctor Who Series 8 Premiere Theatre Showings Announced!

Whether you’re a good man or not, you can still book tickets to the premiere. Do join us, won’t you?

Serenity Rides Again! Entire Cast Reunites for Firefly Online

New Firefly RPG announced at SDCC 2014.

Connecticon 2014: A Voice Actor’s Paradise

I had the fantastic opportunity to fulfill my comic convention quota for the month at ConnectiCon.

pith & mash

Pith & Mash Weekly – Sept. 29-Oct. 5

Pith & Mash is a weekly recap where the pith of all the Whedonopolis posts during the week are mashed down into one short and sweet post so that you don’t miss a thing.

pith & mash

Pith & Mash Weekly – Sept. 8-14th

pithandmash400This is a new thing we’re doing so that you, our very dear and lovely readers, don’t miss a thing. Here is a round-up of all the stuff that happened this week congregated in one place. Read more about Pith & Mash Weekly – Sept. 8-14th

For Bioshock Infinite DLC, prepare to be enraptured

Booker and Elizabeth are back…and this time, they’re going back to where it all began.

Help Support Seekers Unlimited’s edu-LARP Kickstarter!

Support Seekers Unlimited’s Kickstarter to use the power of LARP for educational purposes!

“24” Clocked In for Summer 2014

Word has it that if you don’t watch this miniseries, millions of American people will die.

Cosmic Flypaper Ep 1, Part 2: Austin Wintory and ETMLA

In part 2 of the debut episode of Cosmic Flypaper, Austin Wintory discusses how vital it is to support music education and how he has endeavored to do just that with Education Through Music – Los Angeles (ETMLA).

A Fond Farewell to the Real Life Davros, Raymond Cusick (1928-2013)

News of the passing of the original production designer behind everyone’s favorite pepperpots of ultimate evil and destruction rippled through all of time and space this weekend.