What to Wear for Halloween? Felicia Day Licenses Codex Costume

Felicia Day (Buffy, The Guild, Dollhouse, Dr Horrible) is a very business-savvy lady.  When creating the The Guild, she kept ownership of the project, licensing the rights to companies to use the images (similar to what 20th Century FOX does with Buffy/Angel/Firefly).

Here’s her newest licensing project: the new Codex costume, available for Halloween

Rubies Costume Company: Masters of Disguise

Currently celebrating its 60th year in the costume business, Rubie’s was started as a retail novelty shop in 1951 by Mr. Beige’s parents, Ruben and Tillie.  The young crowd who brought their business to the store began to ask for dress-up accessories—masks, hats, wigs, and makeup.  Ruben heard their requests and started to add those items to his inventory.  But it didn’t stop there—customers started asking for products that weren’t readily available.  Luckily, Ruben had been a furrier before WWII and he started to sew costumes from scratch that he couldn’t locate elsewhere.  Eventually other costume shops took notice of his original costumes, asked to buy from him, and Rubie’s wholesale business began in earnest. Read more about Rubies Costume Company: Masters of Disguise