Agent Carter 2.06-.07- “Life of the Party” & “Monsters”

Peggy shows that she’ll stop at nothing to stop Whitney Frost’s plans for zero matter. She’ll even ask her nemesis for help. However, two people get caught in the crossfire.

Agent Carter 2.04- Smoke and Mirrors

The battle between Peggy and Whitney continues, as Peggy tries to get more information about the Arena Club. However, this week’s episode also shows how Peggy became an agent and Whitney a movie star who can also design powerful reactors.

Agent Carter 2.03- “Better Angels”

Peggy is determined to help Dr. Wilkes, who somehow survived the zero matter explosion from last week. She gets help from Howard Stark, who proves to be a better scientist than movie producer. However, Jack Thompson is not so helpful, since he’s making some mistakes thanks to listening to the wrong guy.

Agent Carter 2.1-2.2 “Lady In The Lake” & “A View In The Dark”

Finally, Agent Carter began its second season this week. She’s hoping to solve a mysterious murder, but it will involve dealing with a mysterious and dangerous substance, a movie star and her husband with lots of secrets, and a council that could ruin Peggy’s career. Also, Dottie is back, and the SSR’s future may be in doubt.


Reaping Grimm: Bear Mitzvah

In Episode 2, Bears Will Be Bears, we get a quote from Goldilocks and the Three Bears before seeing a couple sneak into the bears’ house. True to the story, the bears come home to find Goldy (Amy Gumenick) in their bed and she runs away. But in this version, her boyfriend gets attacked by the bears before he can escape. And honestly, that’s really a more realistic conclusion. I mean, I always questioned Goldilock’s ability to get past three bears. It seems more likely they would have mauled her face off, but I digress. Read more about Reaping Grimm: Bear Mitzvah