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Arrow 4.23- “Schism”

Arrow Season 4 has been about those who fall prey to darkness, while others embrace their light. Tonight’s finale looks at where, not only, Oliver is at with his own darkness, but also that of his team, giving its episode, “Schism.”

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Arrow 4.20- “Genesis”

This week, most of Team Arrow tries to take a little down time while Oliver and Felicity follow up on a lead that could help them stop Darhk. Unfortunately, down time isn’t always safe for our heroes. Also the Diggle Civil War is taken to new levels.

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Arrow 4.12- “Unchained”

“Unchained” carries its theme throughout this episode for both Oliver and Felicity, one in the short term, the other more of a long term. As you watch for a second or maybe third time, look for those unchained or at least in the process of becoming free.

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Arrow 4.11- “A.W.O.L.”

This was a week of leading characters not taking center stage. This week’s Arrow focused more on Team Arrow instead of Green Arrow. Felicity’s new circumstances take center stage with her battling her inner demons along with the Diggle brothers trying to come to some common ground.

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Arrow 4.10- “Blood Debts”

Arrow returns with a vengeance this week! Green Arrow is on the hunt for Damien Darhk, and he is not stopping until he avenges Felicity. Also a new villain steps out of the darkness, Anarchy appears and he is out for blood against Darhk himself.

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Arrow 4.09- “Dark Waters”

All season, Team Arrow has fought to stop Damien Darhk, his ghosts, as well as his H.I.V.E. associates. This week Darhk declared war on Oliver Queen and everyone important to him and not everyone got out unscathed…

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