Arrow 4.10- “Blood Debts”

Arrow returns with a vengeance this week! Green Arrow is on the hunt for Damien Darhk, and he is not stopping until he avenges Felicity. Also a new villain steps out of the darkness, Anarchy appears and he is out for blood against Darhk himself.

Arrow 4.09- “Dark Waters”

All season, Team Arrow has fought to stop Damien Darhk, his ghosts, as well as his H.I.V.E. associates. This week Darhk declared war on Oliver Queen and everyone important to him and not everyone got out unscathed…

The Flash/Arrow Crossover- “Legends of Today/Yesterday”

This week was The Flash/Arrow crossover uniting both teams and introducing a number of new characters that will be regulars in Legends of Tomorrow. We finally got introduced to not only Hawkgirl and Hawk Man but more importantly, Vandal Savage.

Legends of Tomorrow: Character Intro – Sara Lance (White Canary)

This coming week Arrow and The Flash crossover in “Heroes Join Forces” this serves as the introduction of Vandal Savage as well as a lead into January’s Legends of Tomorrow beginning Thursday January 21st.  One of the leading heroes in LoT is a resurrected Sara Lance, the White Canary.  Here is her story thus far, […]

Arrow 4.07 – “Brotherhood”

Arrow’s last episode before The Flash/Arrow crossover, “Heroes United,” reintroduces Diggle’s little brother, sheds some light on the ghosts, while Damien Darhk finds himself a new rival in Star City. *** SPOILER ALERT *** Wednesday night’s Arrow  started with Darhk’s  ghosts attacking a money shipment into Star City in order to terrorize anything that could help […]

Arrow 4.6 – “Lost Souls”

After last week’s Arrow/Constantine crossover, tonight’s episode, “Lost Souls,” left me, at best, “whelmed.” After several episodes devoted to bringing back Sara Lance, this episode brings back another hero to Star City and Team Arrow.

Arrow 4.05 – “Haunted”

Even before the season started, we knew that John Constantine was going to be making an appearance and, with him, the introduction of magic into the Arrow/The Flash universe. “Haunted” did not disappoint in any way!

Arrow 4.04- “Beyond Redemption”

One of the reasons so many of us come back to Arrow every week is because just when we think we can predict what the focus will be, we are pleasantly surprised. After last week’s resurrection, I figured this episode would focus on the Lance family. Instead, Star City has a new candidate for mayor, one who has come home to “save his city.”

Arrow 4.03- “Restoration”

Tonight was all about two steps forward and one step back with Team Arrow dynamics and relationships. All this and a Teen Wolf favorite guest stars as this week’s meta villain.

Arrow 4.01 “Green Arrow”

Arrow’s fourth season premiere gives a clear message that the show we love is shifting and continuing to move Oliver along his path as a hero. The Arrow is dead, long live the Green Arrow.