The Originals 3.13- “Heart Shaped Box”

The Mikaelsons have lived a thousand years and have only been afraid of Mikael, now they have a lot more to be afraid of.

The Originals 3.12- “Dead Angels”

For all the deception and distractions, the Mikaelsons may just be in a bigger mess than they were before. Could they be standing alone?

The Originals 3.11- “Wild at Heart”

I’ve always liked how fierce Cami was. I’ve liked how she loved Klaus, despite how dark he is. She saw the good in everyone. She saw hope in everything. Now, everything has turned to darkness.

The Originals 3.10-“A Ghost Along the Mississippi”

Julie Plec knows how to put us on an emotional roller coaster. There was more than just a few surprises in the winter premiere.

The Originals 3.09 – “Savior”

The Originals is killing it this season. It just keeps getting better. If you aren’t tuning into this season you are missing a lot.

The Originals 3.08- “The Other Girl in New Orleans”

It’s not often we get to see Klaus off his game and vulnerable, but it’s great. Cami and Klaus’s relationship was taken to a whole another level this week.

The Originals 3.07- “Out of the Easy”

Thanksgiving was never going to be a festive holiday at the Mikaelson’s, but this was more than we could have have hoped for.

The Originals 3.06-“Beautiful Mistake”

We thought that these vampires were in town to protect their sires, but instead they were there to take them out. We all know that if you take out an Original, their sire line dies. So is this revenge or a suicide mission?

The Originals 3.05- “The Axeman’s Letter”

These siblings have had a thousand years to constantly betray each other, but is one betrayal really deeper than the others?

The Originals 3.04- “A Walk on the Wild Side”

The Originals has definitely picked up the intensity this season. Marcel has proved himself time and again, but this time he does it in epic fashion. And these old vampires sure love their masked balls.