Reaping Grimm: Setting Up

The whodunit bit of this episode was a bit predictable, but the progression of the larger story arcs made up for it. The next few episodes should get us a fight scene or so as well as some upsetting developments on the Juliette front. I think we can also expect some turbulence ahead in Nick […]

Reaping Grimm: Bad Choices

Nick is a moron. -Now, hear me out.

Juliette grabs her gun and helps him take down the bad guys, then asks him to tell her what’s been going on with him, and he just goes off crying. Read more about Reaping Grimm: Bad Choices

Reaping Grimm: BeeWare

This week’s beastie: BEES!

This episode’s fairytale quote must have come from one of the more obscure fairy tales, because I have no idea where it’s from. Obscure or not, it was still an intriguing episode. Read more about Reaping Grimm: BeeWare