Grimm 4.19 – “Iron Hans”

This week the royals try to take advantage of Juliette’s Hexenbiest drama to get her help finding Adalind’s baby. Will she turn against Nick?

Grimm 4.18 – “Mishipeshu”

This week on Grimm, Juliette isn’t handling her new situation well, but Rosalee thinks she can help. And Renard seems to be having black-outs. What’s that about?

Grimm 4.17- “Hibernaculum”

This episode highlights Juliette’s struggle to deal with her new hexenbiest powers. Can Juliette and Nick work out their problems or is it over for good? Also, Nick and the gang chase down a group of heat thief Wesen.

Review: Grimm 4.13- “Trial by Fire”

This week on Grimm, Nick has to recruit the help of a Wesen he put behind bars to stop a fire-starting Wesen. And you’re also in for a treat, with a little Hexenbiest v. Hexenbiest action between Juliette and Adalind.

Review: Grimm 4.04 – “Dyin’ on a Prayer”

Nick, Hank and Trubel have to find a way to stop a non-Wesen clay monster this week, and Elizabeth comes one step closer to completing the potion to get Nick’s Grimm powers back.