Agents of SHIELD 3.06 – “Among Us Hide…”

Even though Andrew Garner survived the HYDRA ambush, Agent May is gunning for Ward. Coulson finds out what the ACTU is really doing to Inhumans, Ward has a rival, and the truth about Lash is revealed.

Agents of SHIELD 3.04 – “Devils You Know”

SHIELD decides to join the ATCU in the search for Inhumans, but there’s already a lack of trust when Lash returns. Meanwhile, Lance does find Ward, leading to a battle that may have ended very badly.

Agents of SHIELD 3.02- “Purpose In The Machine”

SHIELD turns to an old ex-Asgardian friend to find a way to get SImmons back, Grant Ward uses family in his bid to rebuild HYDRA, and Melinda May tries to get used to a normal life.