Review: The Crazy Ones Season Finale — ‘The Monster’ & ‘The Lighthouse’

The season finale of The Crazy Ones was fun to watch and we at Whedonopolis hope to hear soon of a renewal from CBS.

Review: The Crazy Ones 1.20 — “Love Sucks”

Guest star Pam Dawber’s turn on this week’s episode made for the best moments of the episode.

Review: The Crazy Ones 1.19 — “Danny Chase Hates Brad Paisley”

In the latest new episode of The Crazy Ones, Zach heads a campaign for Simon and over promises what Lewis, Roberts + Roberts can give to the client while Sydney gets a new assistant.

Review: The Crazy Ones 1.18- “March Madness”

It’s Saint Patrick’s day on The Crazy Ones, and we finally meet Andrew’s sisters! We also learn why Simon hates the holiday.

Review: The Crazy Ones 1.17- “Heavy Meddling”

In this week’s new episode of The Crazy Ones, Simon gets baby crazy while Zach and Andrew look for new opportunities to branch out their work with Lewis, Roberts + Roberts.

Review: The Crazy Ones — “Zach Mitzvah”

In the first episode of The Crazy Ones at its new time, we discovered that Zach was a Bar Mitzvah emcee prior to working at Lewis, Roberts & Roberts.

Ratings Improve for “The Crazy Ones” in its New Time Slot

With the move to its new time slot, The Crazy Ones saw higher ratings.

Review: The Crazy Ones — “Dead and Improved”

In this week’s episode of The Crazy Ones, Simon has to eulogize at a funeral while Zach, Andrew, and Sydney deal with a crazy client who is acting erratically.

Review: The Crazy Ones — “Simon Roberts Was Here”

The Crazy Ones came back with a bang, and opened up a lot of new possibilities for the rest of the season. If you’re not watching, you really need to be!

Mork and Mindy Set to Reunite on The Crazy Ones!

Pam Dawber is going to join the cast of The Crazy Ones in a special guest appearance!