Recap: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 7.10, Stolen

Nathaniel Malick is in control of the Inhumans’ secret home and their powers. He gives a power to a young John Garrett and tries to find Jiaying, who has an unforgettable reunion with Daisy

Recap: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 7.08, After, Before

May and Elena turn to an old enemy, Jiaying, to find a way to restore Elena’s super-speed. She has to recall a dark memory, though. Meanwhile, Nathaniel Malick is back, and he’s got a new trick

Review: Netflix’s Altered Carbon

While most people were interested in Netflix’s sci-fi movie “The Cloverfield Paradox,” which was supposed to linked to the original movie somehow, a lot may have missed a dazzling and maybe mind-bending sci-fi mini-series in Altered Carbon. Whedonopolis got through the ten-part series last week. While the hook may be a guy in a new body being hired by […]

New Trailer For Netflix’s Altered Carbon

New trailer for Netflix’s Altered Carbon shows how complex the fight scenes really are, including the training.

Support Dichen Lachman’s New Project Featured on Kickstarter

Dichen Lachman’s newest project, a short sci-fi film called WEBCAM, is now featured on Kickstarter!

“Too Late” Is Almost Tarantino (Dichen Lachman)

Dichen Lachman from “Dollhouse” and “Agents of SHIELD” is one of the best things about “Too Late”, a murder mystery that tries to be a Tarantino movie. Spoilers Follow

Enver Gjokaj & Dichen Lachman Have a New Webseries- Hollywood Hitmen

Enver Gjokaj helped put together a new web series about two hitmen hoping to make it big in L.A. He’s joined by Dichen Lachman and Maximilian Osinski.

Dichen Lachman Is A Mom!

Dichen Lachman has had many roles in her career, but now she has a new one: a mom!

What Love Had To Do With Last Week’s SHIELD Finale

While last week’s “Agents of SHIELD” featured a big battle between SHIELD and Inhumans, a closer look shows that every important decision was done out of love. This is my take on it.

Agents of SHIELD 2.21-22 – “S.O.S.” 2-Hour Season Finale

The final battle between the Inhumans and SHIELD puts Skye in the middle, wondering which side she should take. Meanwhile, Ward and Kara have a job to do.