Whedonopolis Halloween Event 2013- TICKETS NOW ON SALE

All ticket sections for the 2013 Whedonopolis Halloween Event are now available for online purchase.

Thanks For Attending Our 3rd Annual Halloween Charity Screening of Dr Horrible & The Guild

We had a great time the other night hosting this event, and we want to thank all of our special guests, attendees and volunteers for making it a very fun and magical evening. 🙂





…But just for one night and one night only! Yes, on Oct 30th, the night before All Hallows Eve, Fandom Charities and Whedonopolis will once again be bringing our charity screening of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog to the big screen, along with season 3 of The Guild. No waiting for buffering pauses or squinting at a monitor the size of a gum card! We’ve got a giant screen and our very own specially edited open captioned digital version to sing-a-long to!



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Whedonopolis Brings on the Horribleness for Kids Need To Read

Written by Denise Gary, President & Executive Director of KNTR

It was the day before Halloween when two intrepid KNTR members, Denise Gary and Erin Casey, hopped into the Ninjamobile and left Phoenix, driving through the endless desert to Los Angeles, all the while being…..

GirlGamer Coverage of Whedonopolis’ Charity Screening

Crix Lee from GirlGamer.com attended the Halloween Dr. Horrible Screening, and shares her report of the event with Whedonopolis.com! For those of you who were there, enjoy! For those who couldn’t make it, see a little bit of what you missed and make plans to join us for Halloween 2010!!! And don’t miss the premiere interview of Whedonopolis’s own Kelly Amor!!! 

Thank You for Coming to Our Screening of Dr. Horrible and The Guild!


On behalf of Fandom Charities, Whedonopolis and Kids Need To Read we want to say “Thank you” for attending our 2nd Annual Charity Screening of Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and The Guild Season 2 on October 30th. We had a great time and we hope that you did as well!

Great News:The total is in, and with your help we’ve raised $5,004.79 for Kids Need To Read! Thank you to everyone who helped us raise so much money for such a worthy cause!

Watch a video from The Guild of our event here! You can also see photos from the event in our Media Gallery

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A Behind the Scenes Telling of the Halloween Dr. Horrible Screening in Los Angeles

So, did you like the screening? We’ve noticed a few blogs, and a few YouTube posts, etc. around the net. Los Angeles’ first screening of The Guild and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog seems to have been a hit! As the Whedonopolis team begins to wind down and assume normal lives again, you’ll be able to see more posts here, from us, about the evening.

Masks and Goggles: Dr. Horrible’s Halloween Charity Screening

Halloween Night in West Hollywood now has a new address – the Regency Fairfax Theater at the charity screening of Joss Whedon’s cyber hit Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. As early as 7:30 PM people, dressed in their Halloween best goggles-and-labcoat, were lined up outside the theater on a balmy Halloween night, ready for the big-screen debut not only of Dr. Horrible but also The Guild, another internet-only show. The prints for both Dr. Horrible and The Guide were produced by Whedonopolis’ own DVD author, Josh Rubinstein, as exclusive movie-sized open-caption prints along with karaoke-style lyrics so that those who have not committed the libretto to memory could still sing right along.

SDCC 2008: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Photos courtesy of David Mello.

It’s Friday and Dr. Horrible hits Comic-Con, but, fortunately, not with his freeze ray. Ballroom 20 filled with fans, among them many Dr. Horrible imitators and also some of his nemesis Captain Hammer.