Review: Bones 9.17- “The Repo Man in the Septic Tank”

Tonight on Bones, a murder investigation reveals a victim’s checkered past. At the Smithsonian, a new intern from Cuba arrives and he is quite the ladies man. On the home front, Booth and Temperance discuss religion and it’s place in their daughter’s life. ****Spoilers Below**** A body is found in a septic tank, and as […]

Review: Bones 9.16- “The Source in the Sludge”

Good evening everyone. Bones is back on Monday nights with all new episodes. Tonight’s case will have Brennan and Booth working with an old friend in the CIA, and the couple must find a good balance of work and home life. Spoilers Ahead…

Review: Bones 9.15- “The Heiress in the Hill”

Tonight on Bones we welcome back Dr. Fisher, while investigating a kidnapping and murder. Bones receives a lot of money, and Hodgins’ world will never be the same. The case is hard to crack and there is an abundance of love, so lets dig in.

Review: Bones – “The Ghost in the Killer”

Good evening Bones fans! It has been awhile, but it was totally worth the wait, because tonight’s episode was really good. We get two cases tonight and neither disappoint. Let’s go!