Robin Lord Taylor Talks Riddler and Penguin Scenes in “How the Riddler Got His Name”

Nygma spent the entire episode trying to prove to himself that he doesn’t need Oswald to be the Riddler. He may have discovered who is but he still doesn’t really know what that means.

Gotham 3.15- “Heroes Rise: How The Riddler Got His Name” Q & A

When Gotham returns tonight, a new villain will be born. We knew Nygma was the Riddler from the beginning, but he hasn’t introduced himself to the world, until now.

Gotham 2.10 – “The Son of Gotham”

Lying! Manipulation! Fights! Betrayal! Secret Monk Blood Rituals! This week’s Gotham has it all! “The Son of Gotham” finally put many long plotted storylines into motion and changed things up (either for the worse or the better).

Bates Motel 3.10 – “Unconscious”

Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore have continued to show what great actors they are. The finale does not disappoint. Prepare yourself for a bumpy ride.

Review: Under the Dome 2.10 – “The Fall”

Now that they’ve found a way out, is the Dome going to have to let them go?

Merlin Season 5, Episode 10 Review: “The Kindness of Strangers”

Prophecies, magical symbols, closely guarded secrets, destinies and dragons;  You can tell we are getting close to Merlin’s finale as all these elements combine darkly in this one episode, “The Kindness of Strangers”.  There is a lot of time spent on the run in the forest.  The formula of the story seems very familiar– we’ve seen episodes with very similar conventions to this one before. Read more about Merlin Season 5, Episode 10 Review: “The Kindness of Strangers”