‘Supergirl’ Faces a Bigger Threat in Episode Two Promo

At the end of episode one, we saw Mon-El being created. What we didn’t know then was that this would be the ultimate weapon against Supergirl and Superman.

Gotham 2.02 – “Knock, Knock”

The Gotham show creators weren’t just joking around when they said that Season 2 was going to hit the ground running! It’s only the second episode of the season and we already have the death of a major character. Plus, lots of villains, insanity, chaos, and cheerleaders getting blown up on a bus!

Review: How to Get Away with Murder 1.02 – “It’s All Her Fault”

The pilot of this show was exceedingly strong, but the question is can the second episode maintain the same quality? The balance of the storytelling was a bit different in that the case of the week was very strong, but the flash forwards sort of fizzled in the pan.

“Arthur’s Bane, Part Two” – Merlin Season 5, Episode 2 Review!

This just in:  Things heat up when Morgana shares her bed with a dragon!  A baby dragon, that is.  And she’s just petting it while laying in bed, so don’t get too excited.  If I just managed to surprise you even a little with that first sentence, then you are either easily convinced or you read too much fanfiction.  Either way, the second episode of Season 5, and Part 2 of “Arthur’s Bane”, is full of surprises.  Look out below for spoilers.

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