Game of Thrones 5.09 – “The Dance of Dragons”

Episode Nine of Game of Thrones is always a BIG episode and this one certainly was just that.

Bates Motel 3.09 – “Crazy”

Bradley is back and hanging out with Norman (that can’t end well), while Norma searches everywhere for the flash drive.

Merlin Season 5, Episode 9 Review: “With All My Heart”

Ladies and Lords, welcome back to Merlin’s Fifth Season run on SyFy!  After a long break heading into sweeps, SyFy has led us with much anticipation into the final 5 episodes of the adapted fantasy series.  This long of a break puts a bit of a wrench in the momentum of the show’s continuity, as those in the UK were able to watch the show’s entire run week-by-week, uninterrupted during its original airing.  However, Americans are more used to this kind of thing with our favorite TV shows, so let’s move on to discuss how this episode works to bring us back into the storyline.

Warning, spoilers below!

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