Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season Finale – “World’s End”

Season four concludes with another stunning finish involving Ivanov using LMDs to turn the world against SHIELD and Inhumans, and Aida making Fitz’s life a living Hell. However, the Ghost Rider wants to do the same to her. It ends at a very surprising place.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 4.08 – Laws of Inferno Dynamics

The agents have a showdown with Eli, who has a bomb that could take out all of Los Angeles. However, what happens does more to set up story lines for the second half of the season.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 4.07- Deals With Our Devils

Coulson, Fitz and Robbie find themselves in between dimensions, while the Ghost Rider decides to enter a new body. It leads to several big secrets being revealed. Simmons, meanwhile, looks at someone in a terregenesis cocoon and tries to hatch him out.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 4.05 – “Lockup”

Uneasy alliances are being made this week. Daisy and Ghost Rider join SHIELD to find Lucy, who now has the Darkhold but needs someone else to read it. The new SHIELD director also asks for some help when he has to debate the Inhuman issue with a Senator on live TV. It leads to an even more shocking alliance.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 4.03 – “Uprising”

The fear of Inhumans spreads around the world this week as they’re blamed for a series of blackouts, including one that threatens Simmons’ efforts to save Agent May from her paranoia. It turns out the real cause is very personal.

Agents of SHIELD 4.02 “Meet The New Boss”

Coulson finally meets the new boss, who is busy trying to make SHIELD look respectable. May is driven insane due to the [spoiler] she met last week, and Daisy and the Ghost Rider battle each other, and wind up getting a bit closer.

2015 Upfronts: ABC

ABC announced the network’s new fall line-up to the advertising and media communities this week at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall in New York City. Amongst the new additions to the slate are Muppets and Feds and… um… Oil! Oh, my!