Comic-Con@Home Panel Review: Conversation With Nathan Fillion

One of the most popular panels in Comic-Con@Home, Nathan Fillion talks about his career, and has some special guests.

Con Man Episodes 8-10

This week’s Con Man episodes on Vimeo can be described as one of Wray Nerely’s worst days. He is fired from a video game, forced to fill in for someone at a comic book opening and information from his past almost gets him clobbered.

Con Man Cast Is Adding Familiar Faces

Alan Tudyk’s Indiegogo campaign, “Con Man” is headed to its final days, and it’s adding some more familiar faces including a Cylon and a Terminator.

Fans Fall For Con Man Crowdfunding Project, Thanks To Alan Tudyk

The power of the Browncoats is still strong, more than a decade after Firefly and Serenity.

Review: Suits 3.16 – “No Way Out”

When Mike Ross is taken in for questioning, Harvey Specter and the rest of the team at Pearson-Specter have to wonder if this is the beginning of the end – for all of them.

Review: Suits 3.15- “Know When to Fold ‘Em”

It seems like everyone at Pearson-Specter is pushing their luck, in personal and professional matters, in this episode of Suits. Who will come out the winner when the game’s all in?

Review: Suits 3.14– “Heartburn”

Louis Litt’s day doesn’t go quite as planned, and that’s just the beginning of some life changing events for the Pearson-Specter team in this episode of Suits.

Review: Suits 3.13– “Moot Point”

While Mike Ross and Harvey Specter take on a long awaited battle in the courts, will newly named partner Dana Scott get “Litt, up” as she vies for respect at the firm?

Review: Suits 3.12– “Yesterday’s Gone”

Will he or won’t he? Louis Litt apparently has the goods on Mike Ross’s history at Harvard – or lack thereof – but how far will he go to expose him?

Review: Suits 3.11– “Buried Secrets”

With three relationships heating up, positions between the sheets aren’t the only ones being examined in the latest episode of Suits.