Teen Wolf 5.14- “The Sword and Spirit”

This week Teen Wolf real time caught up with Lydia’s first vision and her using her banshee cry actively.  One of the characteristics of an episode of Teen Wolf is having multiple layers of the story being told layered upon itself.  Tonight was one of the best examples in Season 5.  Your review starts now! **** […]

Teen Wolf 5.13- “Codominance”

Scott and Stiles continue their bromance as they start putting the band back together again.

Teen Wolf 5.12- “Damnatio Memoriae”

I was skeptical to hear that the second episode of this winter’s Teen Wolf was supposed to be better than the killer premiere, but they not only managed it this week, I can’t wait to watch it again!

Teen Wolf 5.11- “Last Chimera”

Tonight is a welcome return, in many ways. Scott’s pack has been fractured nearly destroyed by Theo deceptions and manipulations, but this week was the first glimmer of hope, a resurgence of the pack we love working together in the midst of their inner turmoil, and the return of an old friend.

Teen Wolf 5.10- “Status Asthmaticus”

Abandoned and betrayed, this week Scott fights those he has learned to trust, while Theo reveals his true intensions. This week’s midseason finale is the most emotional episode I have seen of Teen Wolf.

Teen Wolf 5.9 “Lies of Omission”

If you thought that Theo had redeeming qualities before Monday’s Teen Wolf, then you can finally join the rest of us in knowing he sucks. It is a good thing for him that the writers want all of our favorite characters uncharacteristically not talking to one another.

Teen Wolf 5.8 “Ouroboros”

Last week’s attempt to capture a dread doctor went horribly wrong, and this week Scott and his friends deal with those consequences while Liam and Hayden try to survive their experience with the dread doctors.

Teen Wolf 5.7- “Strange Frequencies”

For most of this season, Teen Wolf’s pace has felt like a slow crawl. Tonight’s episode felt like it was given a boost of speed force from The Flash. Easily the best episode this week… oh, and we find yet another reason to despise Theo even more.

Teen Wolf 5.6 “Required Reading”

“Required Reading” was simply another well-crafted episode for our favorite pack. Tonight’s Teen Wolf was a wonderful example of how it is both supernatural and psychological in nature.

Teen Wolf 5.05 – “A Novel Approach”

I was hoping that with the Dread Doctors being revealed, Scott and his pack would begin to get ahead of these steam punk looking mad scientists. Instead, this week was a pretty difficult episode for everyone, especially Stiles.