Review: Grimm 4.12- “Marechaussee”

Juliette is getting help from a special Wesen therapist, Nick gets a bounty put on his head and Adalind is back in Portland. Things are heating up on Grimm!

Fanboy Comics to Publish ‘Fearworms: Selected Poems’

LOS ANGELES, CA – May 12, 2014 – Fanboy Comics (FBC) is excited to announce that it will publish Fearworms: Selected Poems in September of 2014.  Written and illustrated by Robert Payne Cabeen (Tainted Treats, Heavy Metal 2000, A Monkey’s Tale, Walking with Buddha), this collection of horror poems and full-color artwork will feature cover […]

Doug Jones Helps Salute Hollywood’s Men In Suits

They are the unsung heroes of science fiction and horror movies: the guys who play the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Wolfman #3 in Underworld, or modern horror icons such as Alien and Predator.

They are the Men In Suits, and the Crest Theater in Sacramento held a special showing of the documentary before hundreds of horror movie fans this past Saturday. It featured many notable “suit actors” including Doug Jones, better known as one of the Gentlemen in the classic Buffy episode “Hush”. More after the jump
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