Scream 2.12- “When a Stranger Calls”

In the first three minutes, there was a death and the killer let Audrey and Emma free. This set up a killer episode (pun intended). There were a lot of screams and a killer reveal that brought back memories of the first Scream film.

Scream 2.11- “Heavenly Creatures”

This killer has proved he/she loves their games but this week was the deadliest of them all.

Scream 2.10- “The Vanishing”

I’ve been complaining for years that horror movies don’t scare me anymore. But, this week Scream had me officially terrified and all it took was putting my favorite character in major danger.

Scream 2.08- “Village of the Damned”

A carnival may not be the best of ideas when there’s a killer on the loose but what fun would we have if these shows actually thought logically?

Scream 2.07- “Let the Right One In”

There are so many shady characters this season. Most of them are not the killer but that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t like them.

Scream 2.06- “Jeepers Creepers”

Season two of Scream has just been incredible and the next time someone asks me what my favorite show is right now, I may just tell them Scream.

Scream 2.05- “Dawn of the Dead”

What could possibly happen when you lock high schoolers in a school with the killer?